Eightyfive long years has passed since the fall of the dwarven kingdom of Baal Vo’grol.

The humans came from the south and opened up the pass of Kash’aral, and they settled down and built their frontier town of Ashwood. The Dwarfs opened their gates and sought up the humans, and an alliance between the dwarfs from Baal Vo’grol and the humans in Ashwood was formed. The humans of Ashwood provided the the dwarfs with coal and wood, the dwarfs provided the humans with smiths and iron.

Chieftain Ghazrag of the Bloodaxe tribe saw the human threat and what would happen if more humans would come. Ghazrag united the tribes of orcs, goblins and trolls in the Kash’aral mountains to deal with the human threat, and the war began.

The united tribes of the Kash’aral mountains started their raids on the town Ashwood, Dwarven soldiers from Baal Vo’grol aided their allies and the orcs where driven back. This was the beginning of a long campaign that would last for three whole years. But what happened on the surface in Kash’aral vale would not go unnoticed in the vast dungeons of Underdark.

Duergar and Drow saw the war on the surface as a chance to strike againt Baal Vo’grol. The dwarfs had heavy fortifications at their entrances to the underdark. So they need another way in. Duergar slaves dug day and night for two years to get a tunnel up to the dwarven kingdom. United the forces from Underdark made their strike against the surprised dwarfs.

King Morgrim Ironbeard ordered that the gates to the surface shut, and remaining troops on the surface back in to the mountain. That was the last time the humans in Ashwood saw the dwarfs. The bloodaxe tribe burned down the town of Ashwood the same night. In the heart of the mountain a fierce battle was fought, after a week the final blow was struck and king Morgrim cursed the remains of his kingdom and he draw his last breath. Baal Vo’grol had fallen.

- Shagor Spirittalker

Welcome to the Savage Lands!

Savage Lands is a campaign to Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition. The theme of the campaign is how the southern kingdoms once again marches north to the Kash’aral region. And how the tribes of the Bloodaxe reign strikes back against the invading forces.

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Savage Lands

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